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Vision and hearing are the two senses we rely upon most. As we age into our 50′s, vision and hearing loss begin to affect our quality of life and safety. That is why our practice has decided to expand our capabilities beyond vision, to include hearing services as well!

Dual sensory loss is very real and we want to ensure your vision AND hearing is well for the many years ahead.

Did you know…

  • A majority of adults will experience both vision and hearing loss, which has been shown to cause withdrawal, depression and a reduced quality of life.
  • Hearing and vision loss begins to affect the quality of life in our early 40′s and greatly increases as we enter into our early 60′s.
  • Early loss of hearing, especially in high frequencies, makes it more difficult to discern noise from conversation. The most common symptoms are the need to turn up the volume on the radio or television, and difficulty communicating in loud or crowded environments.

With leading edge technology and innovative, proven techniques in vision restoration, patients have been able to address vision loss much earlier in life to continue to enjoy the world they live in. The same now holds true for hearing health. By addressing hearing loss early on, hearing loss can often be controlled.

Don’t miss out on the world around you! As a complement to our vision services and as a convenience to our patients, our practice now provides a full range of hearing services for patients age 58 and older. The people who have helped you see clearer can now help you hear better! Contact us to schedule your complimentary evaluation today!


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