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Hearing aids are available in all shapes and sizes. Upon performing a hearing evaluation, our Licensed Hearing Care Practitioner will help you determine which type of technology will be the best for you and your individual needs.

The degree of hearing loss, patient budget, cosmetics, skin sensitivities and medical conditions all play a role in selecting the perfect hearing aid.

Below are just some of the many hearing aid types available. We will gladly provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee or exchange should your hearing needs require a different type of technology or you are unhappy with the results.

ITE hearing aids are the most commonly recommended solutions for those with mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids house all of their components in the outer ear. They are custom shaped to the patient’s outer ear bowl size and sit flush within the ear.

Because ITEs use a larger battery, they are more visible than some of the smaller hearing aid models. “Full Shells” are the most visible of the ITEs, but also provide the greatest amount of volume for patients with severe hearing loss. “Half Shells” are about half the size of Full Shells and are most commonly used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

These models are used for mild to moderate hearing loss and are smaller and more discreet than the ITEs, despite sitting within the lower portion of the outer ear bowl.

Completely in the Canal (CIC): This type of hearing aid is the least visible when worn and more often than not goes unnoticed. A CIC can be appropriate for mild to moderately severe hearing loss when seated deeply in the canal.

BTEs are the most widely used type of hearing aid. With a BTE, the components are worn in a case behind the ear and sound is conducted to a custom ear mold through a tiny plastic tube. The controls are generally larger and easier to adjust, which is beneficial to many elderly patients experiencing hearing loss.
Unlike BTEs which utilize a custom molded earpiece, Open Ear BTEs are small and sleek hearing instruments that attach to ultra-thin and almost invisible tubing. A common complaint of hearing instrument wearers is the feeling that their ears are being plugged up. This is known as occlusion and is caused by the ear mold or custom instruments being placed into the ear. By utilizing special tubing and tips, Open Ear BTEs dramatically reduce occlusion by creating a more comfortable listening experience.
CRTs contain an external receiver and provide a smoother frequency response than that which is obtained with an acoustic slim tube. Placement of the receiver in the ear canal provides the fullest access to extended high frequencies. The tiny case size and transparent wire combine to offer unrivalled cosmetic appeal.


After selecting your hearing aid, our specialists will teach you about your new hearing aid. You will learn how it works, how to program it, daily cleaning techniques and use, how to manage the batteries, and how to use your hearing aids with a telephone.


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