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Have you recently found yourself missing parts of conversations, or having to ask people to repeat themselves? Are you constantly requesting to turn the television volume up when others seem to hear it just fine?

Here’s some great news… As a complement to our vision services and as a convenience to our patients, our practice now provides a full range of hearing services for patients age 58 and older. That’s right; the people who have helped you see clearer can now help you hear better!

Our Licensed Hearing Care Practitioner uses specialized diagnostic equipment to provide the best hearing solution for YOU. As with vision solutions, a “one size fits all” approach to hearing better does not work well; your solution is customized to YOUR specific needs.

After your hearing test is conducted, if hearing devices are the right solution, we will invite you back to our practice a few times each year so that we can clean your hearing aid and check for any changes to your condition. We will also check to see if there are any available updates for your technology.

Our goal is to enhance your day-to-day life experiences, and we can now accomplish that through vision AND hearing!  Call today to schedule your first hearing evaluation.

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