WKTV – As technology advances in the medical profession, local doctors are stepping up their game. More and more we are seeing top-of-the-line procedures that can be done right here in Central New York.

One of those advances is in cataract surgery. Dr. John Costello and group of other doctors perform Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery at the Griffiss Surgery Center in Rome. That center is busier than Albany or Syracuse for this type of surgery.

“We are in the top 10 in the country for this tech being used” says Costello. “It’s more precise and exact, it helps break up the lens into little pieces for you get started, which ultimately helps with the breakdown of the cataract.”

The best part is this surgery, should you choose to go the laser assisted route, is available in our area. “Some people thing if you go to rural New York, you won’t get the same type of technology like you would in a big city, but that doesn’t hold true. We have it here, we’re using it, we’re good at using it and people do well.”