What Our Patients Have to Say:

“Eye sight the way God intended. The doctor and staff were perfect!”

Terry Lust, Rome, NY
“I’m wondering why I waited to have the LASIK surgery completed. Dr. Costello and his staff were all wonderful.”

Deb O’Connor, Canastota, NY
“I can see! After a life with glasses and contacts, I have a new sense of freedom and can see the world through new eyes. Many thanks to Dr. Costello and the entire staff for all their help.”

Margaret Bartell, Lee Center, NY
“Dr. Costello and staff are all wonderful people. Having LASIK has changed my life! I love waking up without having to reach for my glasses or putting my contacts in. It’s great!”

Geri Sanders, Oriskany Falls, NY
“Wish I had LASIK done years ago.”

Donna Tribbitt, Camden, NY
“Thank you Dr. John! I was amazed waking up the morning after the LASIK and being able to see the birds in trees outside. I am able to see driving at night better than ever before. Your staff is very professional also!”

Frances Hall, PenArgyl, PA
“I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten.Not being a LASIK candidate and wanting to get into the Border Patrol – ICL surgery was the way to go.  Now I have more options for employment than I did before.”

Alex Aboussleman – New Hartford, NY
“I had worn contact lenses for many years, but just didn’t get the sight I wanted – without contacts I was not able to see the letter ‘E’ on the chart.  With ICL surgery, in a half hour I could see the difference right away.”

James Serour – Utica, NY March Pharmacist
“Where I saw little, there is so much more now.  I see the score to the Yankee’s game. I don’t get lost so much anymore when I’m on the road.  I can read the menu board at Panera Bread.  Not having dry, hard contacts or thick coke bottle glasses is so wonderful – It’s total freedom.  This is all so important to me as my husband is legally blind so my new vision has helped the two of us.  I have become the “Sight Master” in our family. Thank you Dr. Costello.”

Sharon Mulvaney - Sherrill, NY
“Dr. Costello, Jr., and his staff were great. It is amazing that I don’t need contacts or glasses anymore. I wish I had the LASIK procedure done years ago.”

Wendi S. Kiehn. Munnsville, NY