What Our Patients Have to Say:

“I have been waiting 10 years to get this performed, and I finally DID IT. I just wish now I did it before. It was painless and a very short procedure.”

Anne Vargas, Vernon, NY
“I am very happy with my results. After wearing glasses for 30 years, I now have 20/20 vision. I would recommend Dr. Costello and his group to anyone considering LASIK.”

Elisabetta Degironimo, New Hartford, NY
“When I woke up the day after my surgery I looked out my window to a whole different world. I only wish I had done LASIK a lot sooner. A special thank you to Dr. Costello and his wonderful staff for guiding me through.”

Sharron VonKrusze, Blossvale, NY
“I love waking up in the morning and being able to see!  Life without glasses has been liberating beyond belief.  It amazes me daily.  I’m smiling and loving my eyes!  Thank you Dr. Costello and staff.”

Dawn C. Hayduk Westmoreland, NY
“LASIK eye surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself.  It is wonderful to be able to see the clock when I first wake up in the morning. My vision has never been clearer.  I would suggest LASIK to anyone and everyone.”

Patty Petkovsek Little Falls, NY
“Before my LASIK eye surgery with Dr. John Costello Jr. I was wearing glasses and contacts for over 25 years.  Now I have 20/20  vision without anything.  I can see my alarm clock; that may not sound like a big deal, but it is amazing.  The procedure was painless and well explained and even easier than it sounded, and it only took seconds to change my life forever!  The staff was very helpful and pleasant through the whole procedure.  Thanks again for everything.”

William LaForce Madison, NY
“After having LASIK performed on my eyes I can now read print that I was unable to see even with my glasses on.  I wish it was available years ago.”

Randall Seymore Blossvale, NY
“Really amazing to be able to see without glasses after 30 years with them.  Makes snowmobiling and other sports so much easier.  Would recommend it to everyone.  Thank you to everyone at Dr. Costello’s”

Chandler Welton Oneida, NY
“I wore glasses and contacts since I was in fifth grade.  Life without glasses is so wonderful.  I can swim, exercise, take naps, and best of all sleep an extra 10 minutes because I don’t have to deal with contacts.”

Rachael Laundry, Norwich, NY
“To be able to wake up in the middle of the night and see the clock – amazing! It’s been a long time.  Dr. Costello made the procedure simple and practically painless.  All well worth it.  Thank you!”

Savannah Crawley, Syracuse, NY